two protoss high templar merged to form a uniquely powerful psionic entiry. see also starcraft
t-ssadar would have made an kick–ss archon
a n-bleman/magistrate/judge in ancient greece.
an archon who was voted with emergency powers to reform the government contributed greatly to democracy.
some kind of n-bleman in ancient greece.
i’m an archon, i don’t need ta put up wit’ dis sh-t.
1. a heavenly being taking the form of an attractive italian-american. a highman.
2. one of the 15 races in the age of wonders series by triumph studios.
3. adj. archonic: pertaining to one’s exact standard of decency, good, and morality.
1. hey, baby. are you part archon?
2. my archons will sanctify you to the stone age
3. i have yet to meet an archonic person.
gosu gamer of the wolfpack clan. uses tags like xwpx or -=wp=- from his clan wolfpack.
“that archon is so gosu i wish i could be like him.”

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