pretty much the best word ever. used to describe your emotions as when you are completely fed up with something.
i hate math, it’s impossible, i hate… areehaw!

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  • bronze flute

    while toungue bathing a woman’s starbolt, finger her nubby love b-tton making her moan like a musical insturment. a gender reversal of the rusty trombone. “wow jill sure has a big smile on her face.” “that’s because i gave her the bronze flute for four hours last night, my toungue hurts!”

  • tottyoaks

    slang for the popular u.k t.v soap hollyoaks due to it having many “totty”(good lookin’, hot) charicters/acters. person 1: hey, did you see tottyoaks last night? person2: yea, that sarah is well fit, a total totty!

  • toua

    a word used in the middle of a conversation to confuse people. person one- so then i was in the mall and toua i went into… person two- what? person one- heh. i was going shoe shopping, remember i told you?

  • tough toilets

    a popular midwestern expression similar to “tough luck.” guess what republicans, you lost the election again, tough toilets! or this letter here says that i can’t keep my $1000 a month junk health insurance policy that only covers a box of band-aids, oh well, tough toilets!

  • townhouse

    another name for an asian person. a townhouse is a type of cracker that happens to be yellow. man: “dude have you seen that new kid, he is a townhouse.” other man: “does that mean he eats dogs and plays counterstrike?” another word for a h-m-s-xual or gay person. derek from across the hall sounds […]

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