the absolute worst kind of -sshole – the willfully, purposefully ignorant -sshole: using the initials of rush limbaugh (rl).
d-mn, you know that’s a lie! quit being such an arel.
a variant of ariel (hebrew), meaning “lion of g-d”
arel is such a cool and unique name!
charismatic, fun loud bubbly, intense yet loveable, extremely loyal, highly s-xual, beautiful, very s-xy,honest, strong in character, one of a kind! love’s like no other, your best friend or your worst enemy, musical, talented, posses’s a bounding voice that can be heard far away, arel has it all, oooh to be arel, a tall poppy loved by many! arel will stand out in any crowd! to be loved deeply or feared, the friend or foe, but seriously you would not want to be a foe, the girl is a karma dealer, if your mean to this girl it will always come back to haunt you.. like an angel in disguise, she has a strong force supporting her..
“wow what is that beautiful sound?” “oh thats arel”

“oh my god ive done a bad thing to arel – mayne i’d start sayin your prayers”
awesome girl… s-xy talented, beautiful to the eye and ears.. also a karma dealer.. you dont want to f-ck over arel, you will get your karma back hard!
omg i was so mean to arel last night man, dude i’d start saying prayers, cause ive heard karma is a btich called arel!
suburban slang reffering to marijuana, or pot.
“ehh, arel!”
“i am hanging with arel tonight”
“i am going to arel with some friends”

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