a knitting pattern shaped like diamonds. it is common on socks, vests, and sweaters, and was very popular in the early 20th century to wear while golfing.

now it has taken a resurgence, and is considered almost preppy.
“like the argyle sweater?”

“your wayyyy too preppy man…”
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a small…i dont know…its too small to call a town…that consists of a party store, a bar, a stoplight, two churches and a post office. thats it. plus a lot of drinkers and rednecks. if you are african american, be sure to stay away because of the argyle kkk and racists.
white guy: let’s go to argyle
black guy: uhhh let’s not
checkered clothing pattern that is proven to make women , old and young, wet. most successful in sweater vest form but also very common in sweater and sock. starting to appear in shorts.
these twaats are all over my argyle. its easier than pickup lines.
a male who has a few problems… one of which can be fixed with v–gr-. also, this male could be gay, but no one really knows for sure.
d-mn argyle, he just can’t get it up.
argyle is an ugly knitting patern with one strip of different coloured diamands, usually big. if the material is argyle all over it is called checked.
checked: chess board (even if the pattern is turned sideways or something)

argyle: gramps’ favourite sweater.

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