usually obsessed over fandoms, art, and pentatonix
arienna loves them pentatonix people

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  • Invisimoney

    money that is yet to be earned. i still have to get my invisimoney. #invisimoney

  • Chocolate delight

    succinctly licking chocolate off your lover’s body. hey, challbaby i’m ready for chocolate delight. mmm

  • Boston Kreme Filling

    boston kreme filling or b.k.f is a term used either in text or verbally when talking about the insemination or fertilization of a woman or in other words when you “bust a nut” boy 1:”so c-ssandra and i just found out we’re having a baby, and honestly i regret giving her a boston kreme filling […]

  • bald headed bishop

    a term used to describe a p-n-s i’ll take you out back and meet that bald headed bishop of yours –

  • spickelhat

    someone who constantly wears a hawaiian fedora (or another similar hat). ugh, flynn is such a spickelhat!

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