an absolute d-ckhead
hey d-ckhead arissah

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  • drake voice

    the voice you use when you are seducing a girl term was made popular by rapper lucki eck$ (lucki) in songs like speed demon he makes references such as “baby i’m the one, drake voice, miami sun dumb b-tch you gon’ love me woah” and no wok “drizzy voice’n hoes since my born day” and […]

  • spooky s*x noises

    when one ghosts m-ssive spooky c-ck absoluty destroys a spooky hole making them cry out and make a spooky high pitched cry that sounds like aaaaahhh-uhuhuhuhu-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeerck-p-n-s-f-ck-my–sshole-big-t-t-f-ck-sh-t-boooooom-allla-c-ckhard-kabooom- pop the spooky c-ck my ghost gives its friends spooky hole must really hurt because it makes some really loud spooky s-x noises

  • girlsthatlift

    a common hashtag for dumbell toting gym bunnies who often have a penchant for #fitfam and #thisgirlcan check out my gains.. 156lb down b-tchezzz #girlsthatlift

  • nocmb

    no one controls me b-tch example: someone is being bossy to you so you text them “nocmb”

  • pulling a swifty

    australian slang – to intentionally deceive another person i reckon that bloke was pulling a swifty when he said the dog was only two years old

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