a roman mentioned in paul’s epistle to the romans (16:10), whose “household” is saluated.

historical examples

but she retained the younger, aristobulus, with her as a private person, by reason of the warmth of his temper.
the wars of the jews or history of the destruction of jerusalem flavius josephus

and thus did aristobulus, and the rest with him, supplicate petronius.
the antiquities of the jews flavius josephus

this would not be admitted by the followers of aristobulus, who say that the plains are not watered by rain.
the geography of strabo, volume iii (of 3) strabo

we are indebted to aristobulus for an account of this track in alexander’s time.
the gates of india thomas holdich

aristobulus was defeated in battle by aretas and was besieged in the temple citadel.
a thousand years of jewish history maurice h. (maurice henry) harris

he died in 105, and was succeeded by aristobulus, the eldest of his five sons.
encyclopaedia britannica, 11th edition, volume 14, slice 2 various

aristobulus availed himself of this opportunity, and prepared himself for a fresh war.
synopsis of jewish history henry a. henry

this picture was no temple and portico, with the drowning of aristobulus.
turner william cosmo monkhouse

aristobulus was sleeping soundly by the side of chereas, and, in his dreams, devoting all his grooms to the ravens.
thais anatole france

aristobulus says that these two branches are distant 1000 stadia from each other.
the geography of strabo, volume iii (of 3) strabo

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