a n-gg-rdly, crab-colored government official.
adrian simon, like ebeneezer scrooge is an aristocrab

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  • Armchair Anchor

    someone who comments on news or current events of the day from the comfort of their own living room. andrew didn’t know jack about the war in iraq, but as an armchair anchor he felt it was his duty to comment on things.

  • armchair psychologist

    a person who gives advice for mental disorders, emotional disorders, or any other mental illness and has no known background knowledge of psychology. more than just advice with no clinical know how. some dude gave me advice on eating disorders at mac d’s and claimed that the food additives had addictive properties creating a mental […]

  • arm test

    the premier method to determine whether a woman is a chubster or a non-chubster. look at the upper-arm and determine if there is excess skin/flab/meat between the bicep and shoulder – if there is excess skin/meat/flab and she is not a body builder, then she is a chubster. it was created as a result of […]

  • arse shrapnel

    tiny pieces of rolled human faeces and toilet paper rubbings that litter a toilet seat during a visit. i couldn’t sit on that, it was covered in some dirty f-cker’s -rs- shrapnel.

  • Artificial Fruit

    a straight man who acts gay. he has many platonic female friends, he may do theater or dance, and generally gives off a gay vibe but he likes chicks. opposite: bromos-xual bro 1: you does john have a boy friend? bro 2: nah, man he’s artificial fruit. bro 3: no sh-t?

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