the devil.
he’s such an ariston

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  • blessposting

    to sh-tpost about your s-xuality or depression, and then delete the post immediately after i almost got a screenshot of jason blessposting, but he deleted it too fast

  • rules 1-36

    rules 1-36 should be the only excepted rules of the internet, as rules 37+ start to devolve into mindless, unfunny, repeated, and contradictory bullsh-t. lol rule 37 am i rite? no, only rules 1-36 are ‘rite’ yah wee c-nt

  • the crazy dave

    a celebratory b-mping of d-cks, most commonly following a home run by a chicago cub. believed to be invented and championed by newly crowned world series champion david ross. it was so weird when my dad gave me the crazy dave after i showed him my report card.

  • kurtzhal

    a last name that is so amazing it will make every one without it look like losers. only boys with this last name are special. they are considered “the chosen one” “that kurtzhal kid is so amazing.”

  • fuck-it level

    the level you reach when you are fed up with the world’s bullsh-t, and you just stop caring about anything after watching this presidential election, i’ve officially reached my f-ck-it level

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