something beyond amazing but unexplainable
that is armandomazing art

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  • decellulitis

    that naked feeling you have when you inadvertently leave your cellphone home and find yourself adrift in the digital world omg! i’ve got decellulitis — my phone is sitting on the charger next to my bed and i’m lost without it.

  • has no shame

    somebody with high self confidence and doesn’t care what the world thinks of them. bree: -starts dancing in public- sally: omg bree can stop it. people are staring bree: i don’t give two flying t-rds. sally: -mutters to herself- she has no shame!

  • egg roll maneuver

    the process of rolling into a blanket to prevent detection of one’s self pleasuring. ian almost got caught fapping, but he performed the egg roll maneuver to save his skin.

  • powernetflixing

    watching several episodes of a tv show in a row on netflix. this can be done over several days or hours. i am powernetflixing through all the seasons of friends this month, it’s going to be epic.

  • retty

    when you take readyness pills and overdose to the point that you act like a total f-cktard. man 1:what are you f-cking gay? man 2: no i’m retty. a short version of the insult r-t-rd god mike, why you such a retty?

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