armchair genius

a person, particularly in science academia, who -never- actually does any work, but loves to obnoxiously pontificate during meetings on a wide variety of topics, usually exposing the fact that they have no practical knowledge on any topic whatsoever. when it comes time to publish, they insist that they be included on the author list because they contributed “expertise” and “guidance”. they b-tt into private work conversations, and immediately use the royal “we” to describe what “we” are doing on the project.

such individuals are invariably total -ss kissers to those in charge, which explains how they are often able to progress in academia despite knowing f-ck all, and contributing nothing.
“the new graduate student is a total frickin’ armchair genius. he’s coming down the hall… quick, close the door and pretend we’re not here before he tries to pretend he’s in charge of the lab project we’ve been working on for the past five years.”

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