people who are mexican and have little to no p-n-s or t-ts. they are very angry and ready to kill anyone at any time. they aren’t the smarty but they are scary as sh-t watch out for armijos
f-ck it’s an armijo, let’s leave.

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    code for masturbating. when you try to beat your personal best, you spend the day choosing a car. boy: back in a sec. girl: where are you going? boy: i’m just gonna choose a car.

  • semen tossing

    when you toss s-m-n. the words are genuinely used when s-m-n is tossed on someone’s face but they could applied anywhere as long as s-m-n is being tossed. have you been doing some s-m-n tossing lately? yea man but this time it wasn’t his face.

  • Douche rockett

    someone who enters a conversation they know nothing about ruining everything good about what was being discussed you at the bar talking to a beautiful female laying the final lines down and here comes this douche rockett talking about his day at his mom’s house

  • 1/10 women

    women that have buck teeth and have pimples all over. they will also have a unibrow and will f-ck anyone that looks at them look at them, their such a 1/10 women

  • farley

    slang for an erect p-n-s. josh attempted to conceal his throbbing farley in public. to juke or shake someone so bad that they fall down and possibly break there ankles. ryan pulled a farley on the kick return a white, british male known for their good humour, they are renowned for their god like qualities […]

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