Armor For Sleep

the best band in the world… they’re from new jersey. their alb-m, dream to make believe, came out in june of 2003.
guitarist/vocalist-ben jorgensen, guitarist-pj b-ss-anthony drums-nash breen…nicest guys you’ll ever meet in your life.
ben jorgensen is s-xy… 😉
totally fantastic band!!

love dream to make belive!
me:armor for sleep rock, my town, wooohooo!
the band that pwns you and your mom. the best band ever.
d-mn armor for sleep is so good, they pwn my mom…
a great emo band who’s name comes from a certain type of thinking and releasing inner demons to ease their slumber.
armor for sleep is an awesome emo band.
to rid of yourself of nightmares, face your fears it is the best armor for sleep.
the emo band that owns your mom’s face off!!! or something like that. anyway, they rock!
armor for sleep is the best band in the world!
one of the very few good emo bands. yes, the vocals are extremely emo, but the sound of it is really good.
it’s too bad that armor for sleep is put into the same category as hawthourne heights.
this band is the epitome of emo
i can’t smile whilst listening to armor for sleep

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