Armstrong’s Law

armstrong’s law describes the phenomenon observed when discussions between americans and non americans about a variety of topics, where it become apparent america is not the greatest at said topic, the likelihood of the american to arbitrarily bring up the us moon landings as a non sequitur increases dramatically.

mathematically, armstrong’s law is defined as the probability of the moon landings being inserted into the debate (p(ml)) increasing exponentially as a function of time (t) of the discussion, once it becomes obvious that america is in fact inferior in regards to the subject being discussed

thus: p(ml) = exp^(t)

named for american astronaut neil alden armstrong who became the first human to walk on the surface of the moon on july 21, 1969. amstrong’s law is recognised by science and has been observed all over the internet in discussions ranging from the geo-political impact of american foreign policy, to tackling poverty, to whether cheese in a can is really cheese.
“there are two types of country. ones with socialized healthcare, and ones who have walked on the moon.”

“oh my god, i love how americans can bring the moon landing into literally everything. talk about soccer, result? “walked on the moon”, you can’t argue with armstrong’s law.”

“some countries have landed men on the moon other countries use the metric system.”

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