arnoni is just arnoni
“don’t worry about him, he’s just being an arnoni”

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  • Tennessee Dip

    when a girl takes a filled used condom and sticks it in her bottom lip and slowly sucks the c-m out similar to the way one chews tabacco. after s-x i couldn’t find the condom because miriam was jones’in for a tennessee dip.

  • Squid pants

    a smelly crotch area that suction cups to any p-n-s it can get ahold of! that girl ashliegh’s squid pants keep dragging ever guy in this bar to the bottom of the ocean.

  • Faking Normal

    usually used in the autistic community as an autist who p-sses as a neurotypical. the person “faking normal ” may or may not know they are on the autism spectrum. thank god i know now why i’m so different. i’ve been faking normal all this time. now i can just be myself.

  • springbaked

    when you’re high on spring break bruh i’m so springbaked right now

  • Mrs.Destiny

    what we know about mrs.destiny is unknown. all we know is that mrs.destiny is just a big ball of fluff ,and feathers, with dark brown fur and had rumers that she came from a galaxie far, far, far away. mrs.destiny is also a youtuber that loves making videos for fun! but beware! the unknow ball […]

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