a f-cking d-ck who is a b-tch
don’t be an arom

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  • pipe glue

    s-m-n. yo! that b-tch had mad pipe glue up in her face.

  • turkophile

    a person who abandons civilisation and starts embracing barbarism look at gary, he is having s-x with a goat, he as really become a turkophile an abnormal fondness and attachment to anything of turkish significance, cultural he has become such a turkophile!

  • stillabower

    most hottest guy and the most perfect guy on the planet and every girl wants him and want to be mrs. stillabower and he is also known to have the biggest d-ck in the world he is such a stillabower have u seen him and his d-ck

  • slutty brownie effect

    when you eat a sl-tty brownie and a few minutes later you feel more carefree than usual person 1: i feel so alive! person 2: why? you only ate a sl-tty brownie? person 1: it’s the sl-tty brownie effect.

  • emploitering

    emploitering: (v) getting off work, and proceeding to hang around your place of employment because you have nothing better to do. hey, don’t you have any friends outside of this place? no, that’s why i’m always emploitering after work…

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