a cute chocolate good lister who will always be there for you and have a ear to listen . she always don’t play no games and is a great mother
she gonna beat ya -ss like an arrae

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  • trick it son

    another word for cool/swag/ person 1: hey dude, check it out (points to his instagram feed). person 2: that’s h-ll sick bro person 3: ikr? person 1: trick it son! person 2: trick it! person 3: #swagg

  • b*m sprain

    to be suffering pain in the b-m brought on through either too much of or non use of the b-m. god d-mn! this b-m sprain is killing me. i need to stand up/sit down.

  • hipster pizza

    a calzone. “that b-tch is eating a calzone!” “i think you mean that b-tch is eating hipster pizza.”

  • go choke

    telling someone to choke on something. another way of saying shut up. justin: lol bro u suck jessica: go choke justin

  • andimal

    the s-xiest girl in the united states. dating her is terrifically hard. andimal

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