leading till the end and slipping up at the last moment.
they’re -rs-naling this season.

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  • shamee

    people who originated from damascus syria and dream there whole life of eventually becoming a halabi. other definitions are schemers, posers, copycats, small p-ck-rs. this guy is acting like a shamee

  • cudootching

    cuddling while smootching cara and rolf will be cudootching this weekend .

  • thy glue

    n. when your mouth forms enough saliva to produce a thick enough substance to turn a chick off that -ss so big u can raise a c-ck farm not with that thy glue u spitting on it

  • Sad wasted

    when you’re so sad you just want to grab a bottle of vodka, drowned in your own vomit and wake up the next day not knowing who you are. “i can’t get my mocha latte so i’m going to get sad wasted”

  • Empathy Whore

    a person who tells an incorrect or fabricated story just to feed off the emotions of the listener. “tom was telling me this story about how some guy ate like 15 hot peppers in front of his boss just to prove a point.” “yeah, he told me too. total bullsh-t. what an empathy wh-r-.”

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