is an -sshole in german
you are such an arshluck

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  • warm dog

    when you have an uncontrollable love of both food and s-x to the point where you are left with no choice to combine your p-ssions. this leads to the logical choice of putting a hotdog up the -n-s of your chosen partner, but in the interest of not wanting to waste food, proceeding to eat […]

  • scooba daisy

    eating v-g-n- under water. she was mad i could only scooba daisy for 30 seconds at a time, she needed atleast a minute straight to get hers.

  • abeir

    very suspicious.but is very friendly abeir is being very suspicious

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    often g-y, usually falls in love with younger girls, always simplistic and has a square head, caerwyn’s are always friendly to the youngers and will give them a touch if he feels their lonely. person 1: oh look who’s that? person 2: that’s caerwyn! he’ll try and make love to you if you’re under the […]

  • bortier

    a person who is very ugly and sweet or a person who is very beautiful and horrible she is a bortier

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