fat and stupid
that guy is so arshum

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  • crimson jager

    a male who feels h-m-s-xual tendencies while playing video games, preferably call of duty. bro i think ben was being a crimson jager last night. this addiction is getting to his head.

  • squadren

    a series of strategically floating battlesh-t hendren. as i snapped off some hendren into the water, they formed into a formidable squadren.

  • dnsc

    did not scroll down help desk technician: dnsc = rtfm user: dnsc = who designed / wrote / created this rubbish ux expert: dnsc great ux

  • butthole birthcontrol

    using -n-l s-x instead of v-g-n-l s-x to act as a form of birth control. lubrication is necessary in most cases as is convincing a woman to use this form of birth control, but there will be no b-tt babies and it is 99.99% effective. b-tthole birthcontrol is an effective way to prevent pregnancy.

  • straight facer

    one who fingers the -ss with a straight face yo elijah you just got straight faced by the straight facer!

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