also called -rs-niuretted hydrogen. a colorless, flammable, slightly water-soluble gas, ash 3 , having a fetid, garliclike odor, used in chemical warfare.
any derivative of this compound in which one or more hydrogen atoms are replaced by organic groups.
historical examples

the dissolved portion is readily converted into arsine by aluminium.
poisons: their effects and detection alexander wynter blyth

if the tube is not heated, the arsine burns along with the hydrogen at the jet.
an elementary study of chemistry william mcpherson

arsine is a gas with a peculiar garlic-like odor, and is intensely poisonous.
an elementary study of chemistry william mcpherson

(a) write equations for the complete combustion of hydrosulphuric acid, methane, and arsine.
an elementary study of chemistry william mcpherson

a colourless poisonous gas used in the manufacture of organic compounds, to dope transistors, and as a military poisonous gas. formula: ash3

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