stupid, daft. having ridiculous ideas. a total -rs-hole.
why do you always come up with such arsolic suggestions.

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  • May mat

    when your dumb-ss friend doesn’t use autocorrect when typing “may may” macy: “my nickname is may mat” friend: “don’t you mean may may?” macy: “yes omg!”

  • face hamster

    a face hamster is another term for facial hair/ goatee. that guy has a nice face hamster. another term for a goatee. keith : what kind of pet is that? a face hamster? rob: it’s called a goatee!

  • gooey butt hurt cake

    when you insert a stick of b-tter into your partner’s -n-s, have -n-l s-x, while jazz handsing. daniel proceeded to tap dance while rory gave him a gooey b-tt hurt cake and jazz handed

  • Hennea

    an unexpected couple which is very adorable hunter and lindsey are a hennea

  • dirty tariq

    a nudist who faps while man sleeps why is there j-zz i’m my stomach it must have been dirty tariq

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