mope best website evar
better than others, like hardocpee
m-ssive abusers of the words teh and yuo. claim to have started several internet fads, such as ayb, etc, although they were actually all started elsewhere.

boards are filled with about 25% self-gratifying comments about how smart the users of the boards are and how everyone there knows everything and teh moderators are god, while the other 75% of posts are attempts to up postcounts, questions about whether its safe to eat 2 year old pizza from under the couch, and simulated gay -n-l s-x using pictures of large towers and buildings from around the world.
“i’m glad to be an arsian, and have the smartest people around the world to ask questions of. ooh, i just found a pizza with rat poison spilled on it is it safe to eat omg lol yuo!”
the worst tech website ever, with an elitist (although not actually elite) group of members who are quick to make sure everyone conforms to their opinions for only 50$ a year.

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