anatomy. any of the smallest branches of an artery, terminating in capillaries.
(anatomy) any of the small subdivisions of an artery that form thin-walled vessels ending in capillaries

“small artery,” by 1808, from modern latin arteriola, diminutive of arteria (see artery).

arteriole ar·te·ri·ole (är-tǐr’ē-ōl’)
a minute artery, especially a terminal artery continuous with the capillary network.
ar·te’ri·o’lar (-ō’lər, -ə-lər) adj.
any of the smaller branches of an artery, especially one that connects with a capillary.

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  • Arteriolith

    arteriolith arteriolith ar·te·ri·o·lith (är-tēr’ē-ō-lĭth’) n. a calcareous deposit in an arterial wall or thrombus.

  • Arteriolo-

    arteriolo- arteriolo- pref. arteriole: arteriolosclerosis.

  • Arteriolitis

    arteriolitis arteriolitis ar·te·ri·o·li·tis (är-tēr’ē-ō-lī’tĭs) n. inflammation of the arterioles.

  • Arteriolonecrosis

    arteriolonecrosis arteriolonecrosis ar·te·ri·o·lo·ne·cro·sis (är-tēr’ē-ō’lō-nə-krō’sĭs, ně-) n. necrosis of the arterioles.

  • Arteriolonephrosclerosis

    arteriolonephrosclerosis arteriolonephrosclerosis ar·te·ri·o·lo·neph·ro·scle·ro·sis (är-tēr’ē-ō’lō-něf’rō-sklə-rō’sĭs) n. see arteriolar nephrosclerosis.

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