artistic workmanship, effect, or quality.
artistic ability.
contemporary examples

the emphasis on the quick opinion undercuts ambitions of artistry, and great individual columns can be lost in the wall of sound.
the best columns of the year john avlon december 30, 2013

like they do everything at these establishments: with flawless technique and artistry.
hotels that help you cheat sara reistad-long october 12, 2009

now, access to the consumer is where profits are made, and artistry is getting commoditized.
apple wants beats so it can control you ted gioia may 11, 2014

with all of its gratuitous humor, book of mormon’s artistry is sometimes forgotten.
book of mormon’s magnificent costumes isabel wilkinson april 14, 2011

for all the buzz about wine’s pleasures, its artistry and health benefits, very few people actually drink it.
does the world have a drinking problem? david sessions february 17, 2011

historical examples

ferriday’s very picturesqueness and artistry convinced her now that he was not quite the gentleman.
we can’t have everything rupert hughes

the trouble was that i had at the moment no wish for artistry.
punch, or the london charivari, vol 150, february 9, 1916 various

the albatross had left us, and now the swarming is his artistry, so refined his “table manners.”
the pacific triangle sydney greenbie

that is her artistry, the word, the thing of beauty and the joy forever with her.
adventures in the arts marsden hartley

one is filled with admiration for the artistry with which the greeks have everywhere wrought their very fancies in alabaster.
autobiography of a yogi paramhansa yogananda

artistic workmanship, ability, or quality
artistic pursuits
great skill

“artistic ability,” 1837, from artist + -ry; as chemistry from chemist, etc.

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