the sweetest people and the s-xiest . they are always good in bed. best kissers . the most loudest farts. they are great at cooking. but you will never regret meeting them
look there goes the artyushevskiys

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  • whordyn

    a f-cking wh-r- named jordyn “did you see whordyn’s hair today?” “i f-cking hate her”

  • rag brag

    bragging about clothing. bill: dude sweet outfit jim: aww these things are old what jim meant:-f-ck yeah i’m on point!!- bill: c’mon jim don’t rag brag!

  • oreosphincteration

    (emotion) (esta, estas) oreo(sphincter)ation the realization that you have an oreo in your b-tthole. 🍪 tonks proceeded to fake her oreosphincteration in public so she could unbind the oreo from herself later. see: bms thad

  • broken jumper

    when your d-ck is to small to even work derek has a broken jumper

  • pangranised

    withered, gnalred or otherwise deformed in some way. brian’s prolonged exposure to the reactor core had left him with a severely pangranised head and upper body.

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