1. for openminded people = paradise

2. for closeminded -ssholes = place young blonde americans goes to get killed.
1. aruba is super sweet place in the caribbean to relax, it has white sandy beaches and you can have lots of fun offroading or doing a water sport!

2. yeah i dont want to go to aruba, you get killed there by a guy that i dont even know his name.

aruba is a wonderfull place!
aruba is a 33-kilometer-long (20 mi) island of the lesser antilles in the southern caribbean sea, located 27 km (17 mi) north of the coast of venezuela. together with bonaire and curaçao, it forms a group referred to as the abc islands of the leeward antilles.

aruba could be referred as paradise, it’s very peaceful and it comes awake at night ! it’s low in crime rate and burglary.

isn’t it ironic how you can search on google ‘aruba’ and you come across these pictures of the american tourist who disappeared there but when you look up ‘the us’ you don’t come across the pictures of the girls who got raped and the pictures of people who get murdered and robbed every day?

i mean, how can you say, i’m never going to aruba because americans disappear there and it’s dangerous, when you’re walking on grounds where worse things happen?

now, i’m not saying that murders don’t occur in aruba, but definitely, much, much less than in the us, and you know that too.

aruba has great malls, great people, almost everyone speaks english, and they’re all very friendly, we get treated very well. you see how much the locals love their own island. their first language is papiaments but so to speak they’re dutch, everyone who was born and raised there knows perfect dutch and the teenagers there speak a lot of english, very fluently.

i would say aruba is kind of like cali, but more like miami, considering that aruba has many latino’s as residents there.

aruba truly is wonderful.
casie: i love aruba! i had so much fun! we went to the natural pool and omg the beaches? awesome beaches! we took a tour on a bus and came across beautiful sights! i’m just so in love with that small island!

bryan: waw, you got me impressed! imma go to aruba someday soon!

aruba island dutch
hevan, a place with no drinking age or restrictions where yuo can f-ck and blaze and do all that sh-t that yuo want to and its f-cking awesome. i love aruba a whole f-cking lot its inf-ckingcredible.
i went to aruba and screwed and drank and had a h-lluva time. it was paradise.
where teenage girls from alabama go to die
duppy1: yo, i heard tiffany went down to aruba and never came back

duppy2: that’s what happens down aruba way
worst place in the world to live. culture sucks. only vacation is nice.
girls in aruba don’t do anything!!! they’re f-cking lesbians and only like people of their own island

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