a total mess, looks a lot like poo
that is a pile of arunpreet

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  • taint scum

    1. the acc-mulation of sweat, dead skin, pubic hair, feces and urine that collects in the area between the genitalia and the -n-s. 2. a disgusting person. 3. a person that behaves in slimy and questionable ways. that guy slept with his girlfriend’s mother, what taint sc-m.

  • purgaj

    a b-tch -ss n-gg- boy (momma’s boy) that teaches a sh-tty cl-ss with stupid -ss dad jokes which are not funny at all. also wears sh-tty sweaters. 1.) eyy homeboy, i don’t want to go to purgaj’s lesson today. 2.) don’t be a purgaj man, that’s uncool.

  • snuce

    to f-ck over, in a sense. or to hardcore meme. used by gamers. mult-tude of snucing = snoce if you got a 360 no-scope on someone, then you could say he got snuced hardcore.

  • denecio

    a elegant deity, whom of which slays p-ssy on the daily. whatever you do, do not get on their bad side as they have extreme anger issues, but despite their temper, they are very funny and lovable. but never shuts up. that s-xy man is such a… denecio. ughh… why does he have to be […]

  • fondelise

    (v). the act of fondling one’s genitals to the extent of which they fall off last night, i was with some h-lla thick b-tch. i fondelised the sh-t out of her.

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