any parasitic roundworm of the genus ascaris, found in the human small intestine and causing colic and diarrhea.
historical examples

ascaris cephaloptera, rudolphi.diaphanocephalus viper, rudolphi.
the snakes of europe g. a. boulenger

a second species of ascaris (a. alienata) is described from nasua rufa.
parasites t. spencer cobbold

he says of it:—from the distinctness of the lateral membranes of the head i have given it the name of ascaris alata.
parasites t. spencer cobbold

a species of ascaris and a trichosoma (t. entomelas) are not uncommon in the intestines.
parasites t. spencer cobbold

this ascaris has also been found in cercopithecus fuliginosus and in simia saba.
parasites t. spencer cobbold

treutler’s drawing of hamularia, as copied by leuckart, looks like an ascaris upside down.
a system of practical medicine by american authors, vol. ii various

it is quite clear, therefore, that these authors did not believe that the ascaris mystax was a human parasite.
parasites t. spencer cobbold

in ascaris, boveri obtained similar but still more striking results.
encyclopaedia britannica, 11th edition, volume 7, slice 8 various

a slightly more complicated metamorphosis is common in the genera ascaris and strongylus.
the works of francis maitland balfour, volume ii (of 4) francis maitland balfour

following brandts nomenclature the species has since been recognised as ascaris rhytin.
parasites t. spencer cobbold

ascaris as·ca·ris (ās’kə-rĭs)
a genus of large roundworms parasitic in the small intestine of humans and other vertebrates.

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