ascencia is the kind of person who does anything for anyone but when she needs help no ones there she is a pain sometimes but she’s kind and nice it’s hard to get attached to people because she scarded they will leave and when she does she doesn’t let go and keeps on trying she smart and pretty and she guys back to people who hurt her over and over again she’s lovable and she gets jealous sometimes
ascencia is one of a kind

ascencia never gives up on people
ascencia always try her best
most beautiful girl, that most people admire. very talented, loves god and loves sports.sometimes viewed as a tomboy. everyone wants to be her, or at least be around her. can have total mood swings sometimes, but still she is the numero uno. beautiful smile and outrageous body! swagged out, indeed she is! she loyal one and she is a girl who u would want to keep
ascencia is amazing

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