[shaw-luh m] /ˈʃɔ ləm/ (show ipa), or sholem
[shaw-luh m,, -lem] /ˈʃɔ ləm,, -lɛm/ (show ipa), 1880–1957, u.s. author, born in poland.
contemporary examples

attempts to reach lawyers for asch and meltz were unsuccessful on thursday.
the cannibal cop’s social network: are more plotting attacks on women? david freedlander april 18, 2013

van ronk described how when visiting asch he would put on his “folkways suit,” a filthy jacket that smelled of acetone.
fact vs. fiction in ‘inside llewyn davis’: the real story of folk is far less dejected than the movie jimmy so december 3, 2013

sholem (ˈʃəʊləm). 1880–1957, us writer, born in poland, who wrote in yiddish. his works include biblical novels

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