the act of .
a statement something, especially praise to the deity.
historical examples

this ascription is based upon the entry in the stationers’ register, which runs: ‘7º novembris 1627.
pastoral poetry and pastoral drama walter w. greg

but in the two verses that follow the ascription of holiness, we find the sum of the whole.
holy in christ andrew murray

“he made them all,” she said; and her words were an ascription of praise.
the atlantic monthly, volume 13, no. 80, june, 1864 various

no ascription of divinity to men is found among the hebrews.
introduction to the history of religions crawford howell toy

the ascription of the convention to management in his behalf seems purely gratuitous.
martin van buren edward m. shepard

but i pay no attention to this ascription of greatness; i laugh at it.
the goose man jacob w-ssermann

so universal an ascription of glory is the proper parallel to that of absolute g-dhead, which is implied in holiness.
the book of isaiah, volume i (of 2) george adam smith

to this ascription of this learned traveller i most fully, most heartily respond.
the round towers of ireland henry o’brien

the ascription of victory to g-d is made more emphatic by the negatives in ver.
the expositor’s bible: the psalms, vol. 2 alexander maclaren

whence comes this ascription of imaginary influences to words?
the essence of christianity ludwig feuerbach

the act of ascribing
a statement ascribing something to someone, esp praise to g-d

1590s, “action of adding in writing;” c.1600, “attribution of authorship or origin,” from latin ascriptionem (nominative ascriptio) “an addition in writing,” noun of action from past participle stem of ascribere (see ascribe).

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