Asexual Sex

as-xual s-x is the most s-xual interactions an as-xual female will ever have with another person for any reason other than to please another person. this activity is strangely pleasing to as-xual females, even if they dislike being touched, and is also referred to as as-xy s-x, or nosing.

as-xual s-x is conducted by lying next to or on top of another person, and nuzzling their skin gently with your nose. the most common / pleasing form is nuzzling the facial skin, but the same technique can also be applied to other parts of the body. during this process, the as-xual is generally fond of feeling or listening to their partner’s breathing. the partic-p-nts often switch roles during the process, alternating between the nuzzler and the one being nuzzled.
as-xual s-x is not necessarily a s-xual activity, and while preferable, does not even need to be conducted between two as-xual females. it pleases the as-xual female, but does not need to s-xually arouse her. this is often misunderstood, as as-xy s-x is often accompanied by soft moaning or purring noises.
nosing is a comforting activity which is meant to create pleasure in a comfortable and non-awkward way, and is done in the dark. both partic-p-nts must be fully consensual in order for the as-xual female to feel comfortable. clothing is optional but preferred depending on circ-mstances and level of comfort with the other person.
person 1 – we’re both as-xual, and i’m feeling cuddly. wanna have as-xual s-x?
person 2- sure, as long as we can’t see each other, because that would be weird.

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