asfk means “as f-ck”
that b-tch ugly asfk

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  • OOHM

    out of his/her mind why did she do that? she must be going oohm again!

  • Kyp Effect

    when a person leaves you’re group and you force them to join back. wow,you’ve seriously got a kyp effect in you.

  • doolybanger

    slang for roofies my dealer asked if i wanted any doolybangers with my xans

  • incrasectional

    for the blt comunity of hoeberh-rny international two fingers makes it incrasectional

  • Cringecore

    a genre of music which combines the styling of blood on the dance floor, unicorns killed my girlfriend, design the skyline, and jacob saggy t-t’s (aka jacob sartorious). you should be careful when listening to cringecore in case you accidentally cringe to death. you also might want to have some bleach with you next time […]

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