usually a guy that is not attractive but has a little humor and is a little kind in one way
he is an ashar

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  • muxingzi

    female; an adorable, yet mad chinese girl who looks like a potato and behaves like a wild puppy. she was very muxingzi today. look at her, what a muxingzi she is!!!

  • wrotch

    the action of hitting someone in the crotch with a wrench he was so rude that she wrotched him

  • iggnacio

    a person who is iggnit or lit yo you’re an iggnacio fam

  • wassuping

    it is a subject that relates a confrontation of a another person ( family, friends, etc..) to you during a personal spoken or activity that involves intimacy or secretive issues (potential trash talking) that are not fixed to leak. w-ssuping is being caught red-handed (basically) example 1: s-xual activity brother 1: is doing s-xual activity […]

  • relegation battle

    the process upon which a former champion or champies is dumped to the heap of forgotten losers. e.g. i cant believe he is involved in a relegation battle. pathetic, he should rather keep to himself.

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