the inventor of awesome, and the definition of cool.
you wish you were as cool as ashavicious!

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  • bathroom anytime minutes

    what office workers use when they use the restroom frequently while on the clock at their jobs. so far this year, jonah has made $74.56 at work using his bathroom anytime minutes.

  • rocka punka

    this term was originally used in major ignorance. it is a way to generalise anyone who has a unique hairstyle, is into a specific genre of rock music, uses lots of make-up, and likes to wear black. in other words … emo. since it’s development it has ironically been used mainly by the people it […]

  • *ssphilic

    one who loves -ss. he gets a b-n-r just by looking at her -ss. he’s such an -ssphilic.

  • road snark

    the release of pent up frustration in the way of sarcasm directed to all of the morons on the road, so said pent up frustration doesn’t build into the more commonly known road rage. after saying that the idiot in the oversized pickup truck who cut him off, was obviously over compensating, joe laughed at […]

  • *ss on the ceiling

    adverb – 1) used to describe a situation or event that has elevated itself to the status of bad-ss or buckwild; can be used to describe certain wild parties, orgies or any other event where things get rowdy enough to where people are sh-thoused, fat girls get f-cked, and other things get out of hand, […]

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