super cool kid, smart, chicks want him, gets all the hot chicks, and has a really huge….
diabetes bill is on the prowl. that guy is so ashawa

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  • randhem

    small brown kid who was named after his random -rg-sm. his midget c-ck likes to sing in the shower. his random nature is a mask for his true emotions. he does suck a mean w-ng “what’s your name?” randhem!” “oh that’s random”

  • harambeat

    when a girl with really large (gorilla like) hands gives you a hand job “f-ck, jessica has some meaty -ss hands!” “yeah, she harambeat me last week…”

  • melrs

    a word people make up to try and par “you melrs”

  • rampsexual

    someone/ riders ( usualy action sports athletes) who gets turned on/aroused/ goes wild by the feeling of approaching and hitting a wonderfull jump and landing, wether it be a dirt, metal, snow, or poly-resin ramp d-mn that freestyle motocross rider is a crazy ramps-xual im an avid ramps-xual

  • cock god

    a gay man-wh-r- who gets a lot of guys and has s-x with them on the first date. tim: i’ve got a date with thomas tonight. michael: look out, he’s a c-ck god

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