the biggest -sshole ever. he may think he gets girls, but that is imminantly wrong. usually a low life.
you are being an ashour today.

you don’t have to ba an ashour, even though i stole your girl.

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  • binge listen

    consuming an entire podcast series at once (or several episodes at a time until every installment has been heard). (similar to binge watching, but with podcasts) i just binge listened to every episode of the artie quitter podcast, so i’m completely caught up with everyone who’s been listening to the series, from the beginning. #podcast […]

  • gorilla assault

    when you shave your p-b-s and save it in one hand. after c-mming all over her, you smack the p-b-s all over her s-m-n covered body (screaming gorilla -ssault) i was gorilla -ssaulted last wednesday by my boyfriend.

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    fear me liam: “hi!” death: “i am death!” liam died…

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    a boyish or butch girl (usually lesbian) who has a ‘barbie’ hourgl-ss figure that feminine girls would kill for. i can’t believe that barbie butch has a tinier waste and bigger b–bs than me. what a waste!

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    when you -j-c-l-t- on the corner of an unused bed in a hotel room so the cleaning lady doesn’t change the sheets and the next patron gets a crusty surprise! “how was your stay?” “good! i gave that bed a c-mmy corner for the next guy to enjoy!!” c-m -j-c-l-t- bed sheets hotel prank jokes

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