spicy and smells bad.
man, that was some asiany kim chee!

no way! that stripper is way too asiany to give me a lapdance!

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  • TwatCouple

    a couple of tw-ts can be s-xual partners or just a couple of m8s omfg person 1 and person 2 are f-ckin tw-tcouples

  • insester

    an incestual sister. i saw your insester yesterday she totally wants you.

  • Büginia

    noun. refers to both the b-tthole and the v-g-n- on a female human or animal. b-tthole vaginia my dog was just licking her büginia. marry sat down on her büginia.

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    a sleep deprived zannex taking money stealing b-tch that does crack all the time and has wrinkles. dawnna is a drugie

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    a pot filler is someone who enters tournaments for any kind of compet-tive event, but has no chance of making it to the prize money because they aren’t very skilled. in essence, these people are only “filling the pot.” if you have been entering tournaments for years, but almost never win money from each event […]

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