an asian person.
historical examples

in the asiatic cusha-dwip they supported themselves by violence and rapine.
the g-d-idea of the ancients eliza burt gamble

as is usual in asiatic warfare, it was considerably pressed.
the story of the malakand field force sir winston s. churchill

in sicily things seem to have turned round; the european holds the eastern, the asiatic holds the western coast.
the chief periods of european history edward a. freeman

he hints at ‘asiatic multiplicity,’ but this is only when he has taken too much claret.
james boswell william keith leask

the north american m. americana is closely allied to the pine-marten and asiatic sable.
encyclopaedia britannica, 11th edition, volume 17, slice 7 various

her people are endowed with some of the highest qualities of the european and the asiatic.
england and germany emile joseph dillon

the government punished this going to the people with asiatic severity.
the white terror and the red abraham cahan

it is neither asiatic nor mediaeval in its essential character.
the legacy of greece various

in the asiatic elephant these ridges are like narrow ribbons with indented edges running in parallel lines.
the world and its people: book vii anna b. badlam

it is not asiatic; christianity is the least oriental of all the great religions.
the legacy of greece various

noun, adjective
a word formerly used for asian

1630s, from latin asiaticus (surname of latin corn. scipio), from greek asiatikos, from asia (see asia; also cf. asian). as a noun, by 1763. in ancient rome, asiatici oratores was florid and overly ornate prose.

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