what a black guy uses to cut down a tree.
gimme that ask, i’m gonna pull a george washington
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the archaic form of the question verb, “to axe.”
being from the late 20th century, fry’s mispr-nunciation of the interrogative question verb “axe” as “ask” is often lost among his confused kinfolk.
it is a prison term for a favor and then you owe the other person a favor in return.
can i have an ask? i don’t do asks. what about a trade?
common term used in place of a sale amount by shady car sales consigners in order to make a larger consignment sum without the owner knowing.
he drew me in with the “ask” price but in the end im the one that got my colon busted.
verb: to present a question, or to request something.

misused by stupid british soccer commentators as a subst-tute for job, task, or -ssignment. the same commentators also butcher the language by using “take” in place of control, take possession, or catch.
he will ask me what age i am.
i can ask her for coffee.

he has to stop messi from scoring tonight: that’s a big ask.

the goalkeeper comes for the ball: that’s a good take.
one of the thousands of search engines available in the united states but is nowhere near as cool as google or yahoo because it does not offer an add url service for free, cheap -sses.
who the h-ll would use ask if they could just use google and rake in the dough for their business advertising on the best search engine anywhere?
what you say after some one makes a pointless, or just dumb remark. kind of like “did i ask you??” but just shortened.
f-ggit: i got a 100 on my quiz
smart-ss: ask??


f-ggit: i love pizza
smart-ss: ask??

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