a person asking way too many questions at a time.
hey, bro, why are you so askful ?

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  • Drownies

    that feeling you get after you take a huge bong hit and you feel like you’re drowbing. you have a case of the drownies. “i had a huge case of the drownies after that bong hit.”

  • Sauce god

    sauce god is a term to describe someone who is always flexing fashionably , drippin in swag juice , and one whose att-tude has reach god-like status. from the sauce scriptures it is stated that 1 out of every 1 million person will be deemed and given god-like sauce to spread all over the world […]

  • splaze

    a person who loves to make people laugh, help out and more. that guy is such a splaze!

  • eipe

    a eipe is two males that have a closer relationship then a friendship. and intend to have a hard time keeping their hands to them selfs around eachother or other males. dude, those eipes are always playing footsies with eachother.

  • Desk Mullet

    when sitting behind your desk at work, the person is wearing a nice business shirt, but no pants. business up top and party down-under!! i totally caught my boss pulling a desk mullet in his office today, i’m scarred, and a little impressed. #mulletworkbusinesspartypantsofficedesk

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