Asking price

the price originally demanded by the seller, as before any reduction resulting from bargaining, discount, etc.
contemporary examples

unable to get their asking price, the milners took it off the market in january this year.
new questions in jonbenet’s murder christine pelisek october 3, 2010

when cage first put it on the market a few years back, the asking price was more than $30 million.
nicolas cage, compulsive spender jacob bernstein november 2, 2009

the asking price was $550,000, and finlay says he got nearly that from a new york collector.
re-framing the art market judith h. dobrzynski february 22, 2009

historical examples

his asking price sounded like a bargain rate, and tom, knowing morris’s reputation, was only too glad to engage him.
tom swift and the electronic hydrolung victor appleton

these -ssessed values, may be so low, as to be less than one per cent of the asking price of the lots.
solaris farm milan c. edson

however, he kept his “asking price” up; but his selling price was as various as his buyers, and hard to deal with.
lincolniana andrew adderup

the cafe proprietor cherishes him so highly that he refuses to vulgarize him by printing the asking price on the same menu.
europe revised irvin s. cobb

so i paid the blacksmith his asking price—twenty-five cents.
growing nuts in the north carl weschcke

his family status gave george a high marriage value and his adonis physique kicked the asking price still higher.
love story irving e. c-x, jr.

an “all cash basis” is not uncommon these days and often brings a sizable reduction in the asking price.
if you’re going to live in the country thomas h. ormsbee and richmond huntley

the price suggested by a seller but usually considered to be subject to bargaining

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