phrase actions speak louder than words.
you say you love me but asltw.

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  • memolitis

    when one is so obsessed with dank memes, their behavior changes drastically turning them into an annoying little twerp. person 1: ugh, that kid is so annoying. person 2: dude i know, i heard he has memolitis.

  • cawwot

    a very long p-n-s erica is a cawwot god a very long p-n-s erica is a cawwot god

  • motorgeek

    a complete nerd who also occasionally moonlights as a bad -ss biker dude. god, your dad is such a motorgeek.

  • og skunk

    some smelly -ss weed “man this weed smells like sh-t” “nah man this that og skunk”

  • timeafied

    a community of people believing in a falsehood. society may have led them to excepting misguided information, misnomer. 1. americans are timeafied, most actually believe that washed clothing, is free of caustic detergent and won’t transfer to their skin. 2. people believe that showering and soaping down daily, is healthy. naive gullible trusting

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