is a very s-xy girl(very very s-xy) can be a b-tch at times but is only a b-tch if u make her one
you act like a asonti

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  • Huffington ho

    an individual (male of female) who unquestioningly accepts all of his/her beliefs about politics and social justice from major left-leaning media outlets like huffington post, jezebel, npr, vocativ, etc. “it’s not my fault those huffington hoes don’t know the difference between consensual s-x work and s-x trafficking.”

  • Pacitti Special

    a two-for-one, killing two birds with one stone, etc. usually used in a negative context, as in something bad happening. can be light-hearted or really tragic. man, david bowie and robin williams are dead. that’s a pacitti special.

  • Upperdecker double blumpkin deluxe

    one person sits on the toilet while the other person stands above him. the person sitting is giving a bl-wj-b to the standing person while both are taking a sh-t. i walked in the public restroom and caught my roommate and some stranger doing the upperdecker double blumpkin deluxe.

  • asping

    the act of repeating something not funny over and over again, usually through an instant messaging system. person one: jhoooonnnnn ccccceeeennnnaaaaa!!!!!! you: stop asping! saying something non-funny repeatedly to annoy the other people. justin beiber was asping by repeatedly saying “baby”.

  • Big Mclntosh

    a male, earth pony from the mlp (my little pony) series, the older brother of applejack, and apple bloom and part of the apple family. his occupations are: a farmer, and pony tones b-ss singer. his cutie mark is a big mac apple, with one 6th eaten of the apple more info, if the […]

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