a developmental disorder characterized by severely impaired social skills, repet-tive behaviors, and often, a narrow set of interests, but not involving delayed development of linguistic and cognitive abilities: now considered one of the .
contemporary examples

in the series’ pilot, smart-aleck ex-lawyer jeff winger (joel mchale) tells abed that he has asperger’s syndrome.
hollywood takes on autism jace lacob february 23, 2010

i was never diagnosed with disorders like oppositional defiant disorder or asperger’s syndrome.
i was adam lanza, part 2 david frum december 21, 2012

asperger published in german in austria during world war ii.
asperger’s, overdiagnosed, ill defined, may not be a syndrome much longer casey schwartz february 6, 2012

he felt alone his whole life, and didn’t find out why till he was 45 and diagnosed with asperger’s syndrome.
the daily beast recommends the daily beast september 7, 2009

“lisbeth salander is autistic or has asperger’s,” ragot points out.
dragon tattoo star narrowed to final four gina piccalo, claire martin july 26, 2010

i think i probably never had a clue about how people date, because i have asperger syndrome.
the joys of adult s-xting june 5, 2011

maybe it shouldn’t matter whether or not sheldon has asperger’s or not.
hollywood takes on autism jace lacob february 23, 2010

newport has asperger’s syndrome and is best known for being the inspiration for the 2005 movie mozart and the whale.
the other world cup alex bellos june 10, 2010

despite what’s been written, eisenberg denies having studied people with asperger’s as homework.
‘the social network’s’ reluctant star anna david september 25, 2010

in short, whatever it may be that causes one to commit a violent act, it is not asperger’s, or any other form of autism.
autism had nothing to do with adam lanza’s rampage richard e. farley december 29, 2012

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