to cause to die or lose consciousness by impairing normal breathing, as by gas or other noxious agents; choke; suffocate; smother.
the condition of being deprived of oxygen (as by having breathing stopped); “asphyxiation is sometimes used as a form of torture”
killing by depriving of oxygen(sufficating)

that girl was asphyxiated when i chocked her! she underwent asphyxiation
julia’s favorite word.
arrteh: “hey, what’s your favorite word?”
julia: “f-ck.”
arrteh: “besides that.”
julia: “asphyxiation. blasphemy.”
arrteh: “pick one.”
julia: “the first one.”
arrteh: “mind if i use your last name?”
julia: “which one?”
arrteh: “bremer.”
julia: “why?”
arrteh: “i’m defining it on”
julia: “link me when you’re done.”
when a girl takes your nut sak, puts it in a back pack, then zips its up and you get a b-n-r
if your lucky you get to skeet in your math book
“gee alyssa,
did you see carly take natalie asphyxiation that guy over there?

poor b-tthole”

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