being in a state or posture:
the body lay asprawl among the wreckage.
historical examples

i came into her room, and found her asprawl on the bed, weeping.
tono bungay h. g. wells

trent, with ludicrous ease, tripped the awkwardly charging shepherd and sent him asprawl on the ground.
buff: a collie and other dog-stories albert payson terhune

if you’d liked you could have chucked us all asprawl, an’ that would have bin the end of it, with me down.
a man to his mate j. allan dunn

down he went, asprawl on his back, under this sudden loss of his precarious balance.
buff: a collie and other dog-stories albert payson terhune

the other two were asprawl on the ground and but barely moving.
in the court of king arthur samuel lowe

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