Ass Gihadist

when a gay male goes on a rampage of many men’s -ssholes. often known as serial b-tt pirating, or the ajb.
“an -ss gihadist just moved in down the street!”

Read Also:

  • *ss mealo

    something that looks like thomas looks like thomas

  • *ssmostfear

    an -n-s which tends to be less pleasent than the body it is attached to. guy #1: so how was your date last night? guy #2: horrible. guy #1: what could have possibly gone wrong? the girl was a total babe! guy #2: yeah, but i just didn’t dig the -ssmostfear.

  • *ssophyliac

    an -ssophyliac is a person(usually heteros-xual male) who loves -n-l play. examples: -n-l fingering, -n-l licking, -n-l f-king, and -n-l fisting. anything to do with -ss s-x. all he wants to do is lick and f-k my -ss, he’s a total -ssophyliac.

  • gazmeister

    the meister of all that is good, cool and what will be cool. “well in gazmeister, you’ve done it again”

  • infantervention

    verb; a talk you need to have with a friend who dates someone who is way too young for them or a babysl-t. manda: “did you hear that drew is dating a girl that was born in 1996?” malia: “she’s like fourteen! thats a four year difference. maybe he needs an infantervention!”

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