Ass monday

-ss monday is the day of -n-l s-x. also known as monday
i can’t wait till it is -ss monday because me and my girlfriend will have -n-l s-x.

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  • Peruvian Whistle Fist

    the art of ramming ones fist up the -n-l cavity with enough force the escaping air provides a loud whistling heard throughout the neighbourhood. jennifer’s -rs- whistled the star wars theme tune as her partners elbow disappeared into the brown abyss. the peruvian whistle fist was heard for miles around.

  • rice-sized dick

    the kind of d-ck asians have look at that asian over there he’s probably got a rice-sized d-ck

  • Pencil licker

    gay “is he a pencil licker i want to ask him out on a date?” “he has to be gay.”

  • abyan

    pure evil. rudest person ever invented. so annoying. b-tch. i hate abyan

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    finding women around the mall that are desperate to find a boyfriend/f-ck buddy lets go to the mall and find some mall hoes…

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